Hiking in Mijas

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It’s not too difficult to find a trail around the Mijas area. All you do is head towards the mountain and you’re bound to hop on one of the many trails. Be aware of the mountain goats — they tend to jump out when you least expect it. They’re also everywhere.

Lots of the trails lead you to other towns around Mijas. It’s the perfect way to tour the area and hop from town to town. Or you can use the trails to find a good lookout point for a decent sunrise or sunset. You’ll be able to see the mountains of Morocco from a high point. Definitely a must-see! There are trail signs everywhere, so there’s no chance you’ll get lost. My top recommendation —

  1. Download Maps.Me and then download the area where you are
  2. Find a peak on Maps.Me, select the “route to” option, and route will be created
  3. Follow the route and you’ll get to your peak!

Maps.Me is a great way to keep you on the trail if you’re on a time crunch and need a decent estimation of distance/time. Some of the top trails I hiked while using Maps.Me navigation were:

  • Cerro del Moro Peak [great spot for watching the sunrise and getting a good view of Morocco!]
  • Cerro de Medialuna [lots of runners and cyclists on this trail]
  • Mirador Cantera [a fun lookout spot, easy hike]
  • Pico Mendoza [good view of the Mijas town]
  • Sierra de Mijas [another easy hike around the Mijas area]
  • Viewpoint off of Ruta Cruz de la Mission [perfect picnic / sunset area]

New to trail running? Looking for some decent running shoes that you can use on multiple terrains while traveling? Check out my Inov-8 Shoes. I swear by these. These babies have come with me on the Camino de Santiago, through the Annapurna trails in Nepal, up my daily Manitou Springs incline adventures. They’re super light and durable. I ordered 3 pairs of them so I’ll have back up when I wear them out. I never skip town without them.

Life’s too short to miss those sunrises. Get on out there!

What brought me to Mijas? Check it here.

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