Where to Wine

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When I travel in Europe, I prioritize my coffee and wine over food. I usually just end up “wining” without the “dining” which might not be the healthiest approach to travel, but it can be economical. It’s especially economical in Spain, where wine is cheap and good. There’s no way you can travel through southern Spain without stopping at a couple places for wine hour, which tends to be almost any time of the day.

Here are a few of my favorite places in Mijas:

Pampa — Tablas y Tapas: This place quickly became my favorite, even though it was one of the last restaurants I checked out. As someone who works remotely, I tend to judge restaurants based on the comfort of chairs and access to an electric outlet to charge my laptop. This place had both, and great staff. They even remembered my name a month later when I went back for the second time. They have great coffee and great wine, which fit my budget quite nicely. If you have a chance, grab the cava sangria. It’s amazing.

Tomillo Limon: This is easily a crowd favorite for all the students at Global U. The owner of the restaurant is extremely friendly, the food is great, and of course, the wine is spectacular. I enjoyed getting my work done at Tomillo Limon while sitting outside on the terrace witha vino rosado. I didn’t try too many of the dishes, but I heard the patatas bravas are to die for. I tried the Sri Lankan chickpeas and — as an Asian cuisine connoisseur — it was quite authentic. Definitely give it a try.

La Boveda del Flamenco: If you enjoy restaurants because of their location, this is a good place to hit up. It’s right around the corner from a panoramic view of Mijas. This place has great outdoor seating, perfect on a sunny day. The free olives are always a plus.

La Bodega del Pintor: Not in the wine mood? Gin & Tonic would be your next go-to. Check out La Bodega del Pintor for an awesome G&T. This place never disappoints. With a cute terrace in the front and a beautiful garden in the back, you really can’t go wrong.

Aroma Cafe & Secret Garden: I thought I knew what a garden was before I walked into this Secret Garden. I was completely wrong. This is one of the most beautiful restaurants in Mijas. I had the privilege of joining a group of Global U girls here for one of our last nights. I felt like a princess walking around the Secret Garden. This is a perfect place for a fancy date night. The food is delicious and of course, the wine is fabulous. If you’re coming to Mijas in the summer, you won’t want to miss this place.

Notice I didn’t mention anything about tapas around here. That’s because the best place to find tapas are in Granada! Check out my post all about tapas here!

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