Tapas in Granada

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I’ve been in Spain long enough to know that I don’t need to budget any money for food. All I need to do is budget for some drinks and the food will come along with it. That’s right, my friends. For those of you who have been living in the dark this whole time, it’s time to come to the light. It’s time to learn about tapas.

Free food. With your drink of choice. Tapas are popular all over Spain, but Granada is especially well known for their tapas.

You can get all sorts of different tapas. Some bars will give you a set tapas menu. Other times, the kitchen will just surprise you with whatever they’ve made for the day. Or, if you find the super special bars, they’ll bring you a different tapa depending on which drink number you’re on. So obviously you have to order more than one drink to get the full experience.

I heard about Granada’s tapa reputation from some travel blogs that I researched on my way there. I decided to test these travel blogs and see if they weren’t just all talk.

I pulled together my own list of bars to explore with my friend and we went on a tapas binge. Here are some of our favorite places:

Chantarela : By far, my favorite tapas spot in Granada. The second I walked in, I met a local who proudly told me that I found the best tapas place in all of Granada. He was right. This place is incredible. You have no idea what the tapa will be, it’s up to the kitchen to decide. But you won’t be disappointed. My friend and I ordered a glass of wine and waited anxiously to see what tapa would appear. The kitchen gave a different tapa depending on which drink number you’re on. The first tapa was a slow cooked pork. I know this photo doesn’t do it any justice…I should have put my head in this photo to compare the size. The plate was huge. There was so much food, we could barely finish the tapa between the two of us. It was also some of the most incredible pork I’ve ever had. Unfortunately we didn’t stay long enough to see what the second and third tapas are, but from what I saw around the restaurant, it looked amazing.

*Sophie’s Tip* This place is a favorite among the locals. If you’re going on a weekend, it will be packed. We could barely stand at the bar, it was so crowded. We went on a Friday night at around 7:00pm. If you’re not a fan of crowds, try and avoid the busy times.

La Riviera: This place already has over 1,400 reviews on TripAdvisor for a reason. Several travel blogs I checked out noted this place, so I figured it was worthwhile. It was added to our list of tapas spots. They give you a set menu to choose your tapa. We ordered the carne en salsa, which did not disappoint. The dish is quite common in Andalucia — it’s a slow cooked pork in a delicious sauce, usually paired with some fresh bread. It’s available on most tapas menus, so it can’t be hard to miss. You’ll definitely want to try it out. Check out La Riviera, order a beer, and grab a bite of the carne en salsa.

Bar Babel World Fusion: If you’re tired of the traditional Spanish tapas, you can check out Bar Babel for some tapas around the world. From Mexican-inspired to Thai-inspired tapas, they’ve got it all. I grabbed a falafel tapa, which was pretty good. Would definitely go back to check out the other ones.

Andalusí Nujaila: If you’ve been tapa-ed out, you can take a quick break in the Arab Quarter, where tons of Arabic tea shops and restaurants are available. Andalusi Nujaila was my favorite tea shop. It had some incredible pastries that I paired with my Pakistani tea. Super good. The owner is incredibly friendly as well. I wish I could’ve tried all the pastries, there were so many to choose from. Be sure to take some to go if you’re road tripping around southern Spain. A great road trip snack!

There are tons of other great tapas places to check out in Granada. I’ll keep updating with more recommendations soon!

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