About Me

Hi, I’m Sophie!

I grew up in Cape Town, where my lifestyle of “skipping town” was sparked from excursions all over southern Africa. I graduated from high school in Colorado and moved to southern Thailand to work at a grassroots nonprofit for Burmese migrants. I integrated quickly into my Burmese community through beauty pageants, an endless supply of fish paste, and eventually becoming a low-key Burmese celebrity (long story).

While in Thailand, I discovered a group of Rohingya women and children at a shelter. They were the inspiration for Books Unbound, my nonprofit organization that provides informal learning opportunities for marginalized communities. I’ve worked with the Rohingya people for the past 5 years throughout Southeast Asia and the United States.

As I pieced together the stories of my Rohingya friends, I was inspired to take on the role of a storyteller. I’ve had the privilege of traveling to 19+ countries to document and share the stories of individuals I’ve met along the way. My job is to serve as a voice for those unable to share their story.

People come and go in different chapters of our lives. Some chapters end abruptly while others last much longer. Each chapter is carved by the stories of the people we meet along the way — and it’s all part of the bigger story.

Have a story to share? Need a story told? Any travel tips?

Feel free to contact me below!

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