Day 2: A New Pin in the Map

A new pin was set in our map today as we hopped in a CNG taxi in Cox’s Bazar, set for Kutupalong.

Ready to find our next family!

We were on another mission on behalf of my friend in Utah.
She was resettled in Salt Lake City with her children. She separated from her siblings and parents years earlier in Myanmar, with no certainty of ever seeing them again.
I met her in Thailand, but had no idea that she as in America.

Then one night as I was scrolling through my pending FB friend requests, I stumbled across a familiar name. I navigated to the profile picture, but could barely recognize it. After all, it had been a couple years and the boy had grown a lot. But could it be him?
Sure enough, it was. I found out he was resettled in Utah with his mother and sisters. After visiting them in Utah, his mother gave me her brother’s phone number, who is now in Kutupalong. 

It was time to set a new pin in our map to find the family. I had no idea what to expect, but I was ready for a new adventure. Ready to meet my new family.

It’s an adventure in itself just getting to the camps, let alone navigating throughout it. We got a little lost, jumped in and out of the CNG several times, took a couple detours, but eventually made it to the meeting point.

We stopped along the way to pick up another friend of mine. I hadn’t seen him in several months, but I saw his sister in Chicago. He hopped into the CNG and instantly, the Books Unbound Dream Team was officially put together. 

The Books Unbound Dream Team was finally put together!

We made it to where we were meant to meet my friend’s brother. As he turned the corner and greeted us, I quickly set the pin in my map. 

Our new family location was set.

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