Rohingya Reunions


Meet the people who were the inspiration for Books Unbound! I met my first Rohingya friends in June 2015 in southern Thailand. They fled Myanmar and embarked on a 2-month journey to get to Malaysia. The boat stopped on a small island between Thailand and Myanmar instead, where they were left with no food or water for several days. They were eventually rescued by the Thai navy and taken to a shelter near my house. That’s where my journey with the Rohingya people began.

After moving back to the States for university, I thought I would never see these people again. In January 2017, I got a phone call that changed everything. These families were resettled in the United States!

Since then, I have been reuniting with these families, collecting their stories, and tracking down their scattered family members across the world. My mission isn’t finished yet (green on the map is where I’ve been, red is where I need to go).

Rohingya Reunions is my collection of stories that highlight the families who have changed my life and inspired me to start Books Unbound.